All you need to know about thrush
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Preventing thrush

How to reduce the risk of thrush

Here are a few tips and hints to help you prevent thrush:

  • Avoid tight, synthetic clothing; loose, cotton knickers may help
  • Avoid perfumed soaps, gels and bubble baths and vaginal deodorants 
  • Change tampons and sanitary towels regularly during your period 
  • Wash and dry intimate areas regularly but gently especially after exercise 
  • Be careful with toilet hygiene; always wipe from front to back 
  • A well-balanced diet low in fats and sugar, together with a healthy lifestyle or regular activity and enough rest 
  • Use of lubrication during sexual intercourse  
  • To help prevent re-infection, treat your partner with a thrush cream

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Recommended foods which prevent and cause thrush

Below is a list of foods which are known to cause and prevent the onset of thrush:

Foods that prevent thrush Foods that cause thrush


Breakfast Cereals
White meat Processed Foods
Fish Cheese
Small amounts of Red Meat Mushrooms
Soya Milk Tea
Fruit Coffee
Live Natural yoghurts White Flour Products
Nuts and Seeds Fizzy sugary drinks
Rice Alcohol
Lentils and Beans  
Wholemeal Bread  
Probiotics (e.g. Acidophilus)  




Thrush Facts or Fallacies

Thrush always produces discharge

Thrush does not always produce vaginal discharge. Any discharge present can vary in consistency from a thin, watery fluid to white and cottage cheese-like.