All you need to know about thrush
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Thrush: causes, symptoms & treatment advice


Thrush is an inconvenient, irritating and a common problem which most women experience. It effects at least 25% of women at some stage in their lives.

Frequently the symptoms can be managed easily by a combination of lifestyle changes and medications available from the pharmacy. Occasionally it may not respond to these measures and a visit to the doctor for a definite diagnosis and treatment is necessary.

Generally women complain of itching, irritation or soreness in the vaginal/genital area. This can be accompanied by redness and a white curd-like discharge.

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Welcome - A comprehensive guide for thrush infection

This site aims to provide independent advice and tips regarding thrush. The site covers all the key areas of information/advice that you need to know about thrush from what causes thrush and symptoms of this yeast infection to advice on how to prevent thrush.

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Thrush Facts or Fallacies

Tight-fitting clothing can precipitate an attack

The evidence that clothing can trigger an attack of thrush is conflicting. But, women who are frequently affected by thrush may prefer to wear loose cotton underwear.